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Food Service


At Interal, we develop, manufactue and package bouillons, soups, condiments, sauces and other prepared foodstuffs, both in liquid and dehydrated form, under the most demanding international standards. We offer a complete range of products with recipes and formats adapted to industrial, Hotel and Restaurant and retail channels.

We have 3 production plants with different technologies (to preserve foodstuffs): dehydration, sterilisation for Doy Pack and UHT for Tetra. All of them are certified under BRC and IFS criteria, respecting the site in accordance with the ISO14001 standard and guaranteeing a working environment that is both demanding and careful with personnel.

We guarantee punctual service where the flexibility, reactivity and involvement of a relatively small organisation go hand-in-hand with the capability and trustworthiness of a large company.

The experience gained over the years has placed us as one of the reference-point companies throughout the world for distribution chains and large multi-national foodstuff companies in developing projects under their brands. Interal is a serious, trustworthy partner who guarantees the stability of the projects wherein they participate, as well as their clients' peace of mind.

Our R+D department works both on adapting recipes to the tastes and needs of each market and on their own innovation projects.

Continuous improvement plays a role at Interal from the project conception phase all the way to delivery at our clients' homes.

Today, Interal's products are present in more than 35 countries, spread out of 4 continents. This multi-cultural setting provides us with a source of knowledge and learning that we apply to our work and product-development method.

International presence has always been important for INTERAL. This is why we take part in reference-point and distributor brand fairs in the food industry.

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