Our Factories

Our Factories


At INTERAL, we have 3 production plants with different food preservation technologies:

Dehydration, sterilisation in Doy Pack and UHT in Carton.

All of them are certified under BRC and IFS criteria, respecting the environment according to standard ISO14001 and guaranteeing a working environment that is both demanding and takes care of personnel.


Our figures:

93 M units produced in 2019

50.000 Tons produced in 2019

Production Capacity 150.000 Tons

20.500 m2 production area divided into 3 sites

30 production lines

Staff:250 employees - Quality / R+D Department:17 employees

New plant

new plant

In 2014, we inaugurated a new 10,000 m2 plant, specialised in preparing liquid broths - 5th level