A quick, natural solution for everyday cooking

Our bouillons may be served as stocks, as bases for soups and sauces, or as condiments to flavour rice, pasta and stew dishes. We adapt recipes to the tastes of different clients and markets.

Bouillon cubes

Stock cubes

Stock cubes are very easy to use and have a long shelf life. Simply dissolve a cube in a half-litre of boiling water and the broth is ready.

We have manufacturing technologies for both dry hard cubes and wet soft paste.

The flexibility of our lines allows for manufacturing packs with 2, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 24 and 48 cubes, as well as jars with 40, 60, 70 and 90 cubes.

Paste broth in jar

Bouillons in tubs

Bouillons in tubs is the ideal format for use in the foodservice industry. We have manufacturing technologies both for bouillon powder and for bouillon paste in tubs.

Soluble broth in bags

Bouillon powder in bags

Bouillon powder in bags is the ideal format to be used in the industrial ingredient industry.

Jelly stock pots

Jelly stock pots

In addition to regular uses for any type of bouillon, jelly stock pots can be directly added to sautés and roasts, providing flavour and juiciness to these dishes thanks to immediate dissolution.

Liquid broth in brick pack

Liquid bouillon in carton

The carton is the fastest and easiest bouillon format to use. This is a liquid bouillon, ready to be used as broth, as a base for soups or sauces, or as condiments to flavour brews and stews. The format has an open/close cap for better preservation after opening.

Liquid broth in Doy-Pack

Liquid bouillon in Doy-Pack

In addition to the benefits of easy, quick use since this is a liquid bouillon, the pouch Doy-Pack format has other advantages, such as how easy it is to store on a shelf, its flexibility, the possibility for more attractive designs and its commitment to the environment, due to its reduced packaging weight.

Our broth varieties

Our bouillon assortment

In addition to the most usual flavours, such as meat, chicken, vegetable and fish broth, we manufacture a wide range of specific recipes for each market and client, such as stew, ham, lamb, pork, shrimp, mushroom and aromatic herb bouillons.